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Sweet Pea Pod Growth Cycle

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So what is the growth cycle for sweet peas (the kind we eat, found in a pod)? I feel so clueless, but I am trying to explain to my kids where sweet peas come from and I want to know if they come from the actually flower. Can anyone break down the growth cycle for me?




You dont eat sweet peas do you :O( ?

11 Aug, 2008


The process is the same whether it be Sweet peas which one does not eat (The peas are poisonous) or culinary peas. The peas themselves are the seeds of the plant. They are contained in a pod. The seeds are formed from the bits inside the flower when pollen from another flower is deposited on them. The pod which surrounds the seeds is made from the base of the flower. And before anyone jumps on me, yes I know that is a very simplistic explanation, but who wants a full technical Botany lesson?

11 Aug, 2008

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