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White flies


By Lata

California, United States Us

I have a lot of white flies on my plant and do not know how to get rid of them. can anyone help? thanks... Lata



White flies can be the bane of any glass house plant as they not only engorge themselves on the host plant and leave an unsightly mess they are 'orrible when they go up your nose!
The BIG problem with whitefly is their very short life cycle of just three days! That's birth, reproduction and natural death all within just 72 hours.
So, next time you check the packet on your garden centre product and it advises you should reapply every two weeks - leave well alone and save your money.

11 Aug, 2008


Last year I got an infestation on my tomatoes. I hung a yellow sticky fly trap just above them, (I used a bird feeder stake) and that caught a lot. It did not get rid of them completely but it did cut them back, also the more you shook the plants and tapped the leaves the more got stuck to the trap.

11 Aug, 2008

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