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Clearing scutch grass from borders

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Neglected garden has permitted growth of what appears to be scutch grass ie fast underground development from a series of growth points and which is very difficult to remove.
Is there an effective chemical killer or would strong growing
plants or shrubs overpower it? I had even thought of planting some potatoes when appropriate.
Many thanks.
J. Cullen



Hello John
Scutch grass is a real pain to get rid of.The easiest way is to keep on turning the soil over remove as much as you can and then leave its roots exposed to sunlight this will kill for systemetic weed killers there are lots on the market but you wont beat digging it up and burning it ...Sorry :O(
Hope this helps

11 Aug, 2008


Roundup does a good job, but you need to wait for a second lot of fresh green leaves for it to work properly, and make sure all other plants are protected. Good luck.

11 Aug, 2008

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