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When they say that a vine grows to 40' and then they tell you that this vine can grow 20' in one season and 20' a year, what do they mean? I thought that that the vine would reach 20' and cease growing. I don't know. Or do vines never ever stop growing?



Hi Lorraine which vine are you writing about? Obviously not a grape vine :-)

3 Dec, 2009


Basically no plant ever stops growing until it reaches the end of its lifespan, runs out of food, or is pruned (either by human intervention or animal or weather). However, plants do reach a height at which it is no longer possible for them to raise water and nutrients to the extremities, then they stop getting any taller.A plant would still spread out sideways though. Different plants have different potentials for growth and different gentic imperatives which also affect the height and growth pattern. So Aubretia is genetically programmed to creep along and Giant Redwoods are programmed to reach for the sky.

3 Dec, 2009


i have an ornimentle grape vine and on the tag it said 90` and it is proving that though the only plant of any climbing type i know is russian vine.the fastest growing plant on the planet is bull kelp which grows in the sea about 3 foot a day second to that is a type of bamboo that can grow 18" in one day . boggy is write something like a big popler tree drinks for want of a better word as much as a fire engine spits are the same as they dont stop growing but slow down as they get near the estimate .an estimate is all you read on the label realy.theoreticly if virginia creeper could be aloud to untouched on soil it could go for miles putting down roots wear it touches.anyway i hope we helped .
ps with most plants i find they put more growth in the first year on there roots as aposed to there leaves.

3 Dec, 2009


Need to know, as Moongrower says, which plant you mean by "vine", which is simply a catch all term for any plant that grows vigorously and climbs.

4 Dec, 2009

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