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I have a cherry tree I want to put in my front garden but my garden is clay do I put it in the ground in the pot or take it out



Take it out. You'll have to do it sooner or later anyway and if you add good compost when replanting it will be ok. Keep it well watered though.

4 May, 2016


You'd be better off digging the area over first, and the area you dig should really be at least four times as wide and long as you need for the size of pot the tree is in. If you just dig a hole in heavy clay soil that hasn't been dug over for a while, it acts like a plughole and all the water from the surrounding area will head for there, so digging a larger area helps to avoid that. Incorporate something like composted animal manure or good garden compost during the digging process, allow it to settle for a five days to aweek, then plant your tree, removing it from its pot first, not least because cherry trees put out long surface roots (just under the soil) pretty quickly after planting, as well as extending their roots down into the ground.

4 May, 2016


I would dig the area over as Bamboo says but I would much rather incorporate some crushed grip in with the clay soil to stop it compacting and it will help to drain too much water. Then use some compost as a mulch as the clay could well dry out in the summer.

4 May, 2016


Or, Jimmytheone, add grit and compost together... a sack of horticultural grit's a good idea...

4 May, 2016


The grit and compost mix works very well. Don't forget to stake your tree from one to two years so it grows straight. But stake it loosely to give it a bit of play in the wind so you get a good root system.

4 May, 2016


Just a word of warning - don't plant it too near the house, and preferably not too near a concrete drive as older trees often have large roots near the surface .

4 May, 2016

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