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I am growing pumpkins for the first time. The plants are flowering and pumpkins are growing but when they reach about golf ball size they turn yellow and drop off!! Any suggestions?
Hopeful Linda!!



maybe the female flowers havent been polinated, next time a female flower opens use a brush and polinate with the male flower. it works for me. good luck

3 Aug, 2008


Dear Newtogarden..
thanks for your response. This might sound stupid but being a novice, how do you tell a female from a male?

3 Aug, 2008


dont worry im a novice too, I only found this out by asking the same question on goy a little while ago. this is like telling my children about the birds and the bees (embarrassing) the male flowers have a single stamen in the center and the female flowers have a ring of smaller ones with a hole in the middle. you need to get the pollen from the male onto the felmale. (see what I mean)

3 Aug, 2008


Thanks - quite logical when you think about. will give it a go.

3 Aug, 2008

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