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pumpkin art


My daughter brought 4 pumpkins to be developed into art. I was rubbish but she and grandchildren did a wonderful job creating their artistic pumpkins!

As you can see we had lots of fun and not a cross word was spoken.

Following all this work Dawn wanted to know, “could we grow our own pumpins for next year?” I am assuming we can but don’t know how to prepare the seeds (which I had to collect from the compost bin!) Do they need to be dried, left to mature etc. When do we plant them and in what soil and conditions? We will be grateful for any help. Thankyou.

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Isn't it wonderful to see kids enjoying themselves :o))

26 Oct, 2010


A lovely blog and photo's,Grannysue.Its great to see all the family involved,and you have 2 beautiful grandchildren and Daughter...thanks for sharing this with us...:o)

26 Oct, 2010


Very creative, lovely blog.

26 Oct, 2010


I'd keep in an envelope or paper bag ( not plastic) in a cool, dry place until early spring. I'm not sure if you need a propagator but a warm windowsill should do, plant singly in moist seed compost and wait to see what happens ( I've not grown pumpkin but have grown melon & cucumbers ) maybe ask again next spring unless someone can give you more details now--- happy halloween .!.!.!.

26 Oct, 2010


lovely pictures ~ worth framing on your wall i think. dont know much about growing the pumpkins but my mum grows courgettes on her compost heap very successfully.
if you have any seeds left you can dry them out and keep the children busy making necklaces!!

26 Oct, 2010


Well done pleased you enjoyed yourselves...

26 Oct, 2010


This is such a lovely blog, you`re photos of the family get together really show what a great time you are all having.
That last photo is really spooky, please congratulate the grand kids and tell them it gave me shivers down my

26 Oct, 2010


Thank you to all of you for taking the time to send a msg. Amy and Josh were most impressed seeing themselves on the screen and receiving such lovely comments. Thank you also to Pam & stickytoffee. Lol stroller they were so pleased with your comment. I had just bought them the outfits so were happy to be showing off!!

27 Oct, 2010


Lots of fun going on there, Grannysue! The children have done a great job of carving....this is what my grandkids will be doing today and tomorrow, but at home, not at nana and grandpa's. The sense of achievement is worth the mess, isn't it?

They do indeed look spooky all lit up!

30 Oct, 2010


Thankyou Whistonlass, it was a great afternoon and one to be recalled whenever we looked at our "Artwork" lol. Sadly my poor pumpkin collapsed before Halloween and got consigned to the compost heap. We didn't do them to celebrate Halloween however just a task to keep us all amused. Hope you had as much fun with your little ones carving your masterpieces!!

1 Nov, 2010


In previous years we have helped with the pumpkin carving but this year the grandchildren carved their pumpkins at home and went to their other grandparents where they were given pumpkins there to carve as well. They had a great time with it all as my daughter has just told me on the phone. They had the pumpkins lined up outside and it made quite a feature. :)

Grannysue, you were the unfortunate one to have your pumpkin collapse....a bit disappointing but the fun really is in the carving 'party', isn't it?

1 Nov, 2010


Hi Whistonlass, I wasn't too upset when the pumpin man "died". It was just eerie when I first saw the openings (eyes, nose, mouth) had grown web-like growths which obviously must have been the mould growing. Upon lifting the lid it pulled up long strands which was a surprise to say the least. I have saved some seed for my daughter which I will attempt to grow for her next year as requested. she is aunty to the children not having any of her own and had just "borrowed" Amy and Josh. Very pleased your darlings had such a lot of double fun carving their pumpkins.

2 Nov, 2010

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