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Hereford, United Kingdom

Hi again all, ive got a couple of pumpkin plants with about 14 pumpkins in total,there getting quite big now and i was wondering when the right time to pick them would be? thanks for any info



Well I'm no expert on veggies, as you know, but I do know they're in the shops now and halloween is almost upon us, so I'd have thought any time from now on.

17 Oct, 2009


brilliant,thankyou bamboo,never actually looked at it like that lol

17 Oct, 2009


Good to see you back FG

x x x

17 Oct, 2009


cheers mookins :-)

18 Oct, 2009


Pick them now. The nights are getting colder so they will not ripen much more. The leaves are probably already looking limp. Cut them with some stem and don't lift them by the stem.

19 Oct, 2009


thanks heather, i picked them today,left a few little ones to see how they do,although the ones i picked though big are quite yellowish, are they still ok to eat like this or will they need to ripen more? thanks for any info

19 Oct, 2009


Yes you can eat them now. However, to store them, it would be good if you could keep them in a dry airy place to let the skins harden up.

19 Oct, 2009

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