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Hello, Someone has given me a curious looking seed, rather like a fat autumn leaf. It's very hard though, not soft like a leaf. It was given to my friend by someone else, which is why I'm so vague and in need of help! All I know is that it's a jacaranda or blue something. Could I grow it outside or is it a pot plant please and should I plant it now or in spring? Jacaranda sounds a bit exotic.



Grows well in Queensland, Australia - tropical tree, has to be kept indoors here in the winter. No idea how to grow from seed though - bits of info on the web, googled it, but couldn't find instructions for growing from seed. Beautiful tree though.

17 Oct, 2009


my rhs book says cultivate under glass in full light and good ventilation. min temp 5degrees centigrade . germinate 16 -21 degrees c in the spring. so it can be a specimen tree in a large pot and then bring in, in the winter. probably wont flower here though.

17 Oct, 2009


Thank you both. I will plant it in a pot then and see what happens. Disappointed to think it won't flower though.

19 Oct, 2009


Yes, it is a shame, they are so beautiful in flower.

19 Oct, 2009

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