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How to grow Sage?


By Allen

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I just cannot grow sage - purple or green. I buy plants from reputable garden centres but they all manage to die on me! What can I do to make them live?

On plant salvia officinalis purpurascens



I think that they prefer to be dry-ish. I have several plants in the drier areas of the garden, which thrive there. Could this be a clue for you?

3 Aug, 2008


I'm with Spritz. Sage hates wet feet. If growing in a pot use a John Innes no. 3 compost and add a little grit to it. If in the ground make sure it is in full sun and the soil is very free draining. They will not grow in heavy clay unless you amend the soil with humus and grit.

3 Aug, 2008


Oh Allen you have my sympathy. I can grow sage with no problem,but Mint won't grow for me at all. Everyone says how simple it is and I have tried for 3 years now and it always dies.

4 Aug, 2008


I think I overwatered the sage I started from seed. They started to die on me and then I stuck them in the sun and ignored them and they started growing again. I have a dry garden area, a sandy spot where I've put rosemary, wormwood and lavender and that's where my sage is going. The wormwood is taking off, hopefully the sage will too. Good luck!

14 Jul, 2009

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