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Planting Following potato Harvest


By David

Fife, Scotland Sco

We have today lifted our First Early potatoes, leaving a bare patch. The 8" raised bed was treated with well-rotted manure in late February. we used a no-dig method, meaning that we planted the seed tubers just below the surface, and added compost as the plants progressed. it was great fun just to delve in with hands, using fingers to unearth the potatoes. The bed is now a rich, crumbly loam. can we plant/sow anything here now to replace the potatoes?



crop rotation:- 1st year roots(potato,carrot,parsnip etc) 2nd year peas, beans, lettuce, tomato etc.
3rd year brassicas.

my book dosent say any thing about straight after lifting spuds. Although lettuce is quick growing for a few salads. There is probbably loads you can grow now the spuds have gone.
Hopefully someone will have some better info for you.

14 Jul, 2008


Hi David
Floow it by planting Spring Cabbage but time for a quick crop of Lettuce or Radish

14 Jul, 2008


Don't see any reason why not. Plant something that will like the situation and the temps you get in fall. Spinach, lettuce, swiss chard.

14 Jul, 2008


You can plant almost anything you like after potatoes - just make sure it will be ready before the end of the season - good luck Ken

14 Jul, 2008


Many thanx for all your replies. I was thinking that, for produce this year, I might be limited to salad leaves, seed of which i have plenty. Will be out there tomorrow doing something. Might experiment a bit, and see what happens. Am thinking of what could be ready b4 the end of the season, Ken, so need something ready to harvest in c.12 - 15 weeks. What about baby carrots, or other "baby" root crops?

14 Jul, 2008


i think the soil maybe too rich for root crops, go with the salad leaves and how about some winter veg?you could buy young plants and grow them on, savoy cabbage, brussel sprouts etc whatever your favourite is, and they will all be finished by next spring when you can prep the bed for brassicas , i know you would be growing two brassica crops in one year but as long as you manure a little it should be ok.

15 Jul, 2008


Many Thanx, Steve. The richness of the soil was what worried me. Okay, will go for salad stuff meantime, and source some winter veggies. We sowed some mizuna, mustard and radishes in that bed today. Problem solved, thank you, everyone.

15 Jul, 2008

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