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hi i have just layed a new lawn it must be about 12 weeks old now.For the last six weeks i have wild toad stools coming up in my lawn,befor cutting the lawn i always pick out the toad stools ,but each week the toad stools come back even more, how can i stop them coming back



As with weeds, mushrooms and toad-stools can be a continuous intermittent presence in the landscape.
The appearance of mushrooms and toads-tools in the lawn is a good indication of soil fertility. These and other fungi serve an important role in Nature's re-cycling of organic carbon containing molecules.

You can suppress the growth of Fungi by watering affected areas with a solution of one ounce of IRON SULFATE in three gallons of water applied at the rate of about one gallon per square yard. Iron Sulfate and commercial Broad-spectrum FUNGICIDE chemicals can be used to control/prevent FUNGI and MUSHROOM outbreaks. Iron Sulfate and fungicides can be found at garden/Farm supply stores. Commercial FUNGICIDES are widely available, check hardware and department stores.

14 Jul, 2008


Thanks ken bonsor for your help,i will take that on board

14 Jul, 2008

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