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Salix Intergra 'Hakuro Nishki'


By Dotslot

lancashire, United Kingdom

i have this standard Salix Intergra 'Hakuro Nishki' in my garden, it is producing long suckers from the base,can anyone tell me if i cut these off, and if so do i need to put anything on the cuts.



I have at least seven of them. You might be able to see 2 of them, near an arch in my garden. I usually just cut the unwanted bits at the bottom off, quite neatly near the trunk, and do nothing else. Everything seems fine.

13 Jul, 2008


You need to remove them as close to the trunk as possible. The trunk is not the same plant as the variegated bit on top. Any part left will grow again from dormant buds on them. Do not damage the trunk itself though. In future, keep your eye on the trunk and any buds which appear may be rubbed off when tiny, it saves a lot of trouble.

14 Jul, 2008

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