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Why can't I grow any kind of mint in my garden?



I feel for you. Everyone told be it was so easy but it has taken 3 attempts to finally get some to grow, The one thing I can suggest is to try in a container or to add a lot of compost to your soil before planting, after that just make sure it stays well watered and inspect for pests often.

6 Jul, 2008


This sounds like a soil-type problem. Soil should be deep, moisture-retaining, but at the same time crumbly/loose-textured/sandy loam. You can create this environment in large containers (best grown in this way in any case as Mint is so invasive). I must mention here that Ajay wrote a blog earlier this year about molehills. We went out and collected pailfulls of this free, nutritious, sieved soil and topped up a raised herb bed with it to a depth of no less than 5 inches. We removed the plants first, then replanted them. The sages and mints have never looked so good, and have grown so much that there is no bare soil to be seen at all - and no weeds.

6 Jul, 2008


Use a seed and cutting compost - you will have no problems - scatter seeds on top of compost dont cover and water in - cover with glass and wait -

7 Jul, 2008

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