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By Nariz

Spain Es

Hi! I'm a new member and I live in Northern Spain in a tiny hamlet in the mountains, 700 ft above sea level. Does any other member live and garden at this altitude? As a lover of Hostas I have what used to be a lovely specimen called "Sum and Substance" which grew very large 2ft high leaves. I brought it with me from Britain almost 2 years ago, planted it into the fertile Lebeniago soil and all I've got in return is a little stunted plant! Don't hostas like altitude?



I've got it wrong again! All you nice people are going to think I'm a seed short of a packet as I've not made a very good first impression. I said I lived at 700 feet above sea level - make that 600 METRES. Due to the altitude plants are a little behind time and, when we drive down to the valley to visit our local town, they have riots of lovely colourful hollyhocks, roses etc. while we mountain dwellers still have small plants with tight little buds. Anyway, I'll try to get my facts right in future.

8 Jul, 2008


I'm no expert at all, but I've always thought Hosta's like damp & shade. If that is correct, they probably won't like Spain & heat !

8 Jul, 2008


Thanks Westie, but Northern Spain is nothing like the arid Southern Costas. It's the Costa Verde - Green Coast - and it's green because it rains a lot and although we sometimes have searingly hot temperatures during July and August, it's relatively cool for the rest of the year. I have planted my Hostas in the shadiest part of the garden and also in the shade of some tallish Calendulas, so they are getting the environment they need. My other Hostas are behaving perfectly - it's just Sum and Substance that seems to be sulking!

8 Jul, 2008

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