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Plant suggestions for a very steep bank

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would like to plant ground cover conifer and cotoneaster but which type would you suggest?



It is a matter of your choice , both plants have good varieties of lowgrowing specimens and suitable for banks.Pyracanthus does have small flowers and nice berries but then some of the conifers have nice cones !!!

3 Jul, 2008


Thanks that has given me another good option to consider.

3 Jul, 2008


on my steep bank i have hypericum rose of sharon yellow flowers it spreads well (can be a bit of a thug) but does the job as does periwinkle -blue flowers and cotoneaster horizontalis has red berries and small evergreen leaves
they all have the advantage of being evergreen heathers are brilliant too good luck whatever you plant
woops just seen this was 2008 so you probably well sorted by now sorry!!

9 Jun, 2009

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