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help.....we have a sloping garden by the sea.Can anybody suggest plants for an east facing slope?

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What's the size of the area you want to cover, and do you want ground hugging plants or taller things?

9 Apr, 2010


Thanks. Its not easy to maintain so ground cover would be best....maybe vinca?

10 Apr, 2010


Waste of time, useless as groundcover, so scraggly it doesn't cover the ground and let's everything else seed and grow. You haven't said whether its sunny or not, nor how big - have a look at Cotoneaster 'Queen of Carpets', goes for miles, is evergreen (bit slow to start with) about 2 inches high, spreads through the soil and provides dense cover. Campanula muralis will spread, usually makes a patch about 1 foot all round, so a few of those mixed in would be good.

10 Apr, 2010

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