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By Gus

United Kingdom Gb

I would like to have a climbing plant growing up my house but my house has some tiles on the fromt and also some areas of ship lap type timber ! What type of climber is best for this without growing under tiles ect and causing damage to my prorerty ?



I'd go for Clematis (but then I would, it's my favourite climber!) It would need wires to hang on to. If you want a variety to cover the most area, then go for one of the C.montanas which are pretty vigorous. You can control them by tidying them up in early spring if you want to or need to. They wouldn't harm the fabric of the house. DO NOT go for Ivies - they can cause damage! You haven't said which direction the house faces. With Clematis you'd be OK most directions, if no sun at all, they wouldn't flower readily.

20 Jun, 2008

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