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how to kill convolvulus roots?

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We have a section of garden which is riddled with these roots, despite me digging it over and removing every miniscule piece of root I can find (several times). We want to develop the area and put in some shrubs and maybe turf a small section but don't want to do anything until we have got rid of this. Can anyone suggest any chemical weedkiller which they have used in similar circumstances which will also allow us to eventually plant other things in the same ground?



I am not sure that this is possible - as any chemical working on your soil would leave a residue which would affect any other planting for a very long time. Are you aware that Bindweed roots can go down to over 6' underground? It's no wonder that it is such a misery to control. I can only offer two solutions for you - at Hestercombe Gardens in Somerset they have dug out as much as they can, like you, several times, then they have covered the (LARGE) bed with black plastic to smother any further growth. This will remain in situ for some months. Apparently, this works. Otherwise, the only way is to pounce on any strands that dare to show themselves and dig them out at once. This method did work on an infested area in my previous garden - eventually. Good luck - let us know how it goes.

19 Jun, 2008


I use a weed killer that comes in a well its like a big lipstick, you put it on the leave's and it take's it down to the roots and kills them but it is a long process.
Wish you luck. Jackie x

20 Jun, 2008


Put some canes amongst the bindweed when it climbs carefully spray that which is on the canes.Digging out is hopeless as any little bit left multiplies.

20 Jun, 2008

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