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cayenne peppers


By Eve6msf

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i just started growing veggies, and i am not sure if i am doing this right or not. first i m using pots for all(cucumbers, tomatos, peppers, stawberries). the pepper plant has black at each branch. is this normal? Also i picked some flowers on already should i pick any more off, and they all are drooping. tomatos are growing and i am picking flower off now and not sure when to stop. if you have any insight please help. thanks



All of these can be grown in containers. I grow most of these in patio boxes only 6 inches deep. If the pepper plant you are asking about is a cayenne, then yes they get an area of black tint at each branch base, not to worry.
I'm not sure what you mean by "picking off" the flowers, but all I do with my cayennes and jalapenos is to feed them with Miracle Gro once every 2 weeks and if they are not setting fruit well I spray them with a mix of epsom salts and water. Just mix 1 tsp epsom salts with one quart water in a mister bottle and spray it on the foliage misting lightly.

31 May, 2008


ok well i will not pick off any more flowers. thanks for the help. i thought maybe it caught a disease.

31 May, 2008


Good luck!

31 May, 2008


It is from the flowers that the fruit comes. So if you remove the flowers you are removing the fruit!

31 May, 2008

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