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How can I save my Robinia Tree?


By Daisyjo

United Kingdom Gb

I have a large Robinia False Acacia tree which has always florished and had plenty of leaves. This year it hardly has any with some branches being completely bare. We had noticed woodlice under the bark with some coming away. I am desperate to try and save this tree as it was grown in memory of my father, I would be so grateful for any advice on what the problem is and what I should do.

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It doesn't sound too hopeful, I am afraid. Do a 'scratch' test on the branches you can reach, I mean, scratch off half-an-inch of bark and see if the wood underneath is brown or greenish. If brown and brittle, that branch is dead. Nothing will help the tree if it is far gone. Sorry. You may have to bite the bullet and plant another one for your father.

30 May, 2008


It is sounding as though your tree is pretty sick.As a desperate measure you could remove the tree to the ground and with a bit of luck allow new leaders to form. After a few years growth, remove all the leaders but leave the strongest. This will hopefully replace the tree in memory of your father yet still remain the tree ( if you know what I mean ). Please research this though as I read of this some years ago and it may well be I'm getting mixed up with something else.Though I'm sure that I'm not, I do not want to be responsible for any premature loss. If I am right ( sure that I am ), there really is no guarantees that this will work.
If you are still getting any suckers/saplings from the mum then is it an option to replace the tree with this ?
Whatever you decide I do hope that you get some positive results.

1 Jun, 2008

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