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Robinia pseudoacacia 'frisia' leaves are green not golden


By Janey

Lincolnshire, England Eng

My young Robinia 'Frisia' tree is looks very healthy is about 6ft tall now but the leaves are plain mid-green. Do you think as it grows it will attain the golden foliage or should it be golden from the start?

On plant Robinia pseudoacacia 'frisia'




There are loads of these where I live and I have only ever seen the gold foliage on the older trees.

23 Sep, 2008


Many thanks Fdm, there's hope for it yet then!

23 Sep, 2008


they also dislike acid soil

23 Sep, 2008


Also its very near other trees. How much sun does it get?
Mine was golden from the word go but its in a much more open spot. I wonder if it is Frisia - there are lots of plain green ones.

23 Sep, 2008


good point celandine, the two in my road that are green are both in north facing front gardens and get vey little sun

23 Sep, 2008


Well, I'm hoping it is that's what I bought it as, and it gets quite a bit of sun, it's an east facing garden and gets the sun from the south all day. The wall behind has a golden hop
and is about 4ft away. I'll be really miffed if it's an ordinary one!!

23 Sep, 2008


It should show gold from about 4years, they do here anyway. Maybe not enough sun or maybe you have been unlucky with your purchase, if it remains green complain to where you bought it, it could be a normal acacia.

24 Sep, 2008


Thanks, Wyeboy, it's now got a stay of execution! 2 more years, then I'll see, if it's still green, it'll get the chop!

24 Sep, 2008

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