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How much can you cut a Robinia Pseudoacacia back

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The tree is too large for the court yard garden. I've cut it back every year. It has been taken right back three years ago to almost the trunk and still regained its glory. Beautiful that it is it has regained its size so have cut back hard to the stubs of new side trunks. Hoping I havn't damaged it. On a second point the tree has canker. I'm assuming it's because it has been harshly pruned and the roots (under the small patio) need better nourishment. Please any advise?

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Robina Pseudoacacia is not a good choice for a patio garden as it can get huge. The branches on these trees are very brittle and prone to damage and canker. I would get it out of there pretty quickly and replace it with a more suitable tree for a courtyard garden, something ornamental perhaps. I am pretty certain I have seen dwarf versions of the Robina Pseudo but you may have to check that.

23 Mar, 2009

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