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Wisteria pods


By Suer

United Kingdom Gb

I have been asked for a cutting of my wisteria but don';t know how to go about it. Currently I have numerous fleshy pods hanging from the shrub, so before I embark on the first prune, I would like to know uf these mcan be nused to propagate? Regards, ~Sue



It is best to try and root a cutting.
Propagate by layering or from stem cuttings. You can take basal cuttings from side shoots in early to midsummer and root with bottom heat. Layer in autumn or graft in winter. These cuttings will take 4 years to flower.
Wisteria can be grown from seed but takes 10-15 years before flowering

23 Sep, 2008


I always cut the pods off mine as soon as possible, having read that they will weaken the tree.

23 Sep, 2008


If you are growing a named variety of wisteria, it will not come true from seed. Best to use the cutting method as then you can be sure the new plant is identical to yours

23 Sep, 2008

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