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Is this a weed?


By Unique

Hastings, United Kingdom Gb

Does anyone have any ideas what this is pls?




It looks like one of the Symphytums - (Comfrey). It isn't a weed, but it IS invasive and is hard to control as it spreads by underground rhyzomes and also seed. The leaves are very good either composted down or else placed in a bucket of water for a few weeks and then the liquid used as a fertiliser!

22 May, 2008


Hi: Looks like Comfrey officinale ( common name is knitbone ) It has been used for poltices to reduce swelling around sprains and arthritic joints. The plant contains calcium, potassium,phosphorus and allantoin. The leaves make excellent manure and fertilizer. It is restricted in some countries. I have it growing in a half barrel so that it is confined. Barb

22 May, 2008


Nice plant of Comfrey nice colour too .Don't despise it ,it wll grow where lots of other plants won't but as Spritzhenry says it can be invasive but makes a very good plant food.

22 May, 2008


BY way it is a herb not weed good if used as plant food or great to help break down your compost!

22 May, 2008


You could fill a large bucket full of water and put all the comfrey you pick in it to rot down. this will make a fantastic organic fertilizer, trouble is it can smell a bit so get a lid for the bucket. The mixture can be quite strong, so add water (3 parts water to 1 part comfrey juice)

22 May, 2008


Thank you everyone for the advice and name of it. Its is very evasive, I have about 20 in that one tiny corner alone. I've just managed to get rid of ground elder in that plot and that was a living nightmare I can tell you.

I was thinking of digging them all up (I dont like them sorry!!) and then adding some soil ontop, planting some wild flowers and then when they start shooting adding bark to stop anything else growing underneath. Would that be okay?

I like the idea of using it as fertilizer :)
Thanks again, much appreciated :)

23 May, 2008

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