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cytisus "lena" broom


By Minever

west sussex, United Kingdom Gb

My plant is just losing its flowers and now has seed pods on, do i remove the seed pods, and how and when do i prune...



You prune it now, cutting each branch back to strong sideshoots (do not cut into the old wood). Remove any seed pods still left after the pruning - this will concentrate the plant on making new growth for next year's flowers

22 May, 2008


Thanks, have done as you advised this morning

23 May, 2008


My plant lost all the flowers. Looks between green and brown the branches. Do I need to prune? Has to be in a pot by itself? What happens during winter time?

24 May, 2008


do the pods of Cytisus lena have to be removed

8 Jul, 2009

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