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Should I trim the top off my sungold tomato plant?

Glasgow, Scotland Sco

I'm growing sungold tomatoes for the first time. I've got a couple of wee tomatoes growing quite well, but all the plants seem to getting quite tall (about 3 - 4ft). I'm not sure how tall they're supposed to grow but the have an abundance of leaves. Any advice?



Iwould have thought by now you would have more than a couple of tomatoes. When did you set them?I normally stop my plants after the 5th truss.

14 Aug, 2009


On the assumption that it is now too late in the year for any new flowers to produce useful sized tomatoes we took the tops out of ours a couple of weeks ago. They serve no useful purpose now and so it is better to let the plant put its energy into rowing the existing tomatoes.

14 Aug, 2009


Tulsalady, I think I planted them about 3months ago - maybe a bit longer? It looks like there's a few more wee tomatoes appearing, but its my first time growing veg so any advice is welcome.
Bulbaholic, I'm going to take the tops off and see if it makkes any difference. It all feels a bit trial and error, but I guess I can only learn by making mistakes.
Thanks to both of you! x

14 Aug, 2009


Fireball, but gardening is trial and error. From day 1 to resting in your grave - even for the most popuar book writers or TV experts that you can think of!
That is why it is so much fun :-) :-)

14 Aug, 2009


exactly as bulbaholic says it,s all about trial and error.Idon,t think you ever learn every-thing.This year my spring onions have been rubbish , but i,m determined to have another go next year. so enjoy your garden and good luck.

15 Aug, 2009

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