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peppers anyone?

Massachusetts, United States Us

Is it true you can keep pepper plants for the next season to grow? I have thm in large pots on my front porch which I would take them into the front hallway where the temp only goes down to 40 F and the snow wont be on them.



Highly unlikely to make it through the winter Lovegreen

14 Aug, 2009


even if they are inside and protected. What if I brought them into my kitchen,for the winter months where it would be kept at a nice and toaty 65 degrees F

14 Aug, 2009


You need to view bell peppers as an annual crop which you start again each year... take a look at for more info. You are wanting to do the equivalent of continuing to grow climbing beans indoors in the middle of winter - wont work, at least not in my experience

14 Aug, 2009


Peppers are perennial plants and it is possible to overwinter them. However, they do require a lot of light so I don't think the plants would do very well unless they are under some type of grow light.
It is so easy to grow peppers from seed that it would probably be less trouble to start afresh next year.
Why not try it and see. You won't be losing anything if it doesn't work and you may just get a head start on next year's crop. :o)

15 Aug, 2009


I managed to overwinter one chilli pepper last year but although it cropped earlier this year it didn't crop well.

15 Aug, 2009


Thank you all. I think I will just grow next years from seed its just that this year is the first time I'm actually getting pepper and dont want to destroy them at end of season.All my peppers(7,with 12 more flowering)
are a little bigger than a marble so it's just more waiting.

16 Aug, 2009

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