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growing lavender from seed.

strathclyde, United Kingdom Gb

never realised lavender would be so hard to germinate! Instructions say put in propigator for 2 weeks then in the fridge for six weeks back to propigator for 8 weeks then back to fridge for six weeks then back to propigator for 8 weeks WHAT! has anyone managed this? Is there a type of lavender that is easy to germinate? Thanks in advance guys you always help me out.



I just sprouted some lavender on my windowsill and it seems to be doing fine. All I did was use regular potting soil, sprinkling seeds on top and not covering. I like to start seeds in yogurt cups with holes in the bottom. Then cover with a sandwich baggy and leave it alone. I don't know if thats the right way but it worked for me.

17 May, 2008


Thanks it sounds like it might not be too hard then. Emilye how long did that take you? Were they in heat or frost i see you are in usa?

17 May, 2008


i had a old packet of lavender seeds that were out of date, so i thought i`ll just throw them away i opened the packet and scattered the seeds on the garden and threw the empty packet away.
2 weeks later it looked like every seed germinated where i threw them so i thinned out and now i have a lovely lavender patch right by my front door.
what i`m trying to say is don`t always go by the packet because they don`t always take into consideration where you live or what your soil condition is, sow the seeds in the position you want them and see what happens you can always get more seeds !
hope this helps!

18 May, 2008


thanks guys i put lavender on window sill with plastic lid on it has sprouted already! took 48 hours! hopefully it will continue to grow.

21 May, 2008

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