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will my pumkins b ok with with a few leaves?

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Hi my name is nikki and im 22 and growing pumkins for my 1st time but i have had a problem my female flowers r her and no males, so i have cut some leaves away so they can get more light will they b ok? Also will i get several female flowers? How long is the flowering season? If anyone can help i would be very grateful thanks .



Its the weather that causes problems with flowering. You should get male and female relatively close together but this doesn't always happen. I would imagine that you will get some fruits forming (as you will get m and f flowers) esp. if someone elses plant is in flower elsewhere the pollination from that will happen.
As the plants has now lost some leaves, it would be a good idea to feed it and keep it well watered in dry spells as sometimes the flowers fall off if the plant is too dry. The occasional beer makes a good feed!

They should really flower for another few weeks until the days start to get a little shorter (plants can tell even if we cant!)

You will get more than one female flower at a time but it depends on the age of the plant as some around me are still relatively small in pumpkin terms and you still have right up to october for them to keep growing

6 Jul, 2009

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