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So what's this then?


By Pete

Wiltshire, United Kingdom Gb

This has appeared in our garden, beautiful orange flowers - I'm sure I didn't plant this one & can't seem to find it in our various books!
Even if a 'weed' will try to save seeds as we like it!




It reminds me of a Mimulus?? Possibly??

6 Jul, 2009


good shout - looks very like, but this beastie is about 18 inches tall & similar spread, could be tho?!
Thanks for help!

6 Jul, 2009


In my RHS book, there are several species of upright Mimulus - try googling M. guttatus as a starter for 10.

6 Jul, 2009


it looks like it might be one of the impatiens. there is an orange one. though it doesnt have the typical spur that they usually have. mimulus might be a better bet.

6 Jul, 2009


I think the new Impatiens are flatter flowers than these seem to be. I saw some yesterday and looked at them.

6 Jul, 2009


reckon tis mimulus - googled some pics and looks right, probably a bird planting!
Lovely colour flowers, will self seed with luck - thankyou to all for time and thought, Peter & Nita.

6 Jul, 2009


You're very welcome - nice to be able to help! Enjoy them. :-)

6 Jul, 2009


It's Mimulus cardinalis. We sell it as a marginal plant where I work.

7 Jul, 2009

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