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Japanese Maple


By Gilesr

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I have a red japanese maple tree (not the feathery leaf type) and one side of the tree has leaves, one side does not. The tree is only 5 years old and has been okay until this spring. Can you tell me what has happed to it?

On plant japanese maple



I am afraid that mine has suffered the same. I think it was cold winds that killed a whole branch. Look at the tree and see if there are any tiny shoots coming near the base of the 'dead' side. Then you will know where to prune out the dead wood.

6 May, 2008


I have had two acers suffer from the same problem so you are not alone. Another test is to slightly scratch the bark away from the side with no leaves - if the wood shows green, it is still alive but if it is brown or grey, the branch is dead. But be careful, acers will bleed if live wood is cut while the sap is rising

6 May, 2008

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