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Should I move my acer now?


By imberro


The leaves on my Garnet maple (acer) have been scorced. I know it isn’t from wind damage so I think I found a better spot to put it but don’t know if I should wait until the fall to move it or if it’s safe to move it now.

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I live in a hot spot in Hungary and I would not move any trees until the weather cools down a bit. It would also be good if you have a wet spell as well.
Acers prefer slightly acid I think. I moved two of my Japanese maples to a shady place where the soil has had a lot of pine needles from a big tree and they prefer this spot to other parts of my garden.
I tried to transplant some walnut seedlings last week when we had a heavy shower. No rain since and now they look like toast.

3 Sep, 2008


No - leave it until it's dormant. If you can, put it where it has a bit of shelter away from cold winds.

3 Sep, 2008


Strangely enough I moved an Acer Garnet two weeks ago. I had it in a very large pot and Iv'e transferrred it to another one. My specimen was about three feet tall and was not happy in its old location. Like yours, it was wind scorched. It's fine but I'm keeping an eye on it and keeping it moist but not waterlogged and its now in a shady position in dappled light. Its growth has 'slowed down' now, so you should be o.k. Try to dig aound most of the root ball before you lift it. If you had purchased it from a nursery you will still have to disturb it in order to replant it, so it should be happy being moved now. They are tougher than folks think!

3 Sep, 2008


I beg to differ grenville. Moving it from a pot is one thing, digging it up (and damgaing the roots) is another. I'd agree with spritzhenry and move it when it is dormant. Any pruning of an acer should only be done in the dormant season as well - they bleed badly if cut back when in growth

3 Sep, 2008


Thanks Andrew. I agree if its a more mature specimen.Also, as you state, pruning must only be done in the dormant season.Sorry, I assumed that it was not a mature Acer.

3 Sep, 2008


I would also leave it alone if it's in the ground till it's dormant, unless it's in a pot. I have one in a pot that i'm going to put into ground, but i'm not going to attempt that till the end of sept.

3 Sep, 2008

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