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By Alia262

Warwickshire, United Kingdom Gb

I love my acers but today I found something growing on the bark of two of them. I will try and post a photo to show you. If anyone has any ideas about how to treat this I would be very grateful as my acers are very special to me.


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Acer Acer2



Cor, that is one of the worst infections of mussel scale insects I can remember ever seeing. You need to do something really urgently of lose the tree.
I have answered this before but I will repeat it for you. The white stuff is a wax which you have to dissolve to kill the insect. So, first wash the tree with a soap solution. Personally I would use a horticultural soft soap, but liiquid soap will do as this is so urgent. Use a scrubbing brush, not too hard bristles and scrub the bark with the soap solution. Experiment with the strength until you find out which gets rid of the things. Then I would spray with Provado if you have it. If not then wipe over the cleaned bark with methylated spirits on a cloth or parafin if nothing else. Then wash the tree with warm water. You may have to repeat this treatment a few times to finally remove them all. Not a nice job, but it is that or dig up the tree and burn it.

2 Jun, 2010


I've not heard of that Ob --- it looks Awful

2 Jun, 2010


never seen an infestation as bad as that either.

2 Jun, 2010


thanks for the tip. I've scrubbed all 3 of them tonight and they look so much better. Will try and get some Provado tomorrow.

2 Jun, 2010

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