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Bulb experiment update! An unexpected twist!


This is VERY interesting!
While doing this experiment on two identical bulbs, one planted in rich organic potting soil and one being “forced” in pure “lavasand”, some striking differences are showing up!
The “forced” bulb grew the fastest and bloomed first pictured here:

On the other hand, the one that is growing in rich organic potting soil has also produced a bloom, but also has other bloom sprouts:

Here’s the organic ones’ new growth:

THREE new bloom clusters vs the “forced one’s” single cluster!
The little organic bulb grew slightly slower, but wants to “propagate itself” much more than the “forced bulb”!
OH! {Slapping his forehead} Now that the blooms are happening, I think that I might know what I am dealing with! I believe that these two bulbs might be “Paper-whites”. What do you think?
The blooms look very similar to what I have found online and the growing patterns, root structure, and foliage seem to match.

Plants are so cool !

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Yes, definitely look like paperwhites to me N2. Very interesting.

12 Dec, 2009


Yes, I thought so too...interesting conclusions N2...

12 Dec, 2009


Yes, obviously 'Paperwhite'.
The 'flower power' of the bulbs were formed last summer before you bought them, it is all tucked up inside the bulb. Either one bulb is much better than the other or, the lavasand has restricted the flowering ability of that bulb. It is possible that more flower stems will yet come on the lavasand bulb.

12 Dec, 2009


I'm still watching this ongoing experiment closely Bulbaholic..
Most interesting ! :-)

14 Dec, 2009

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