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Ongoing "forced bulb" plant experiment!


This was great! My two bulbs in this experiment have started to bloom and I might be able to identify what they are!
Here is the “forced bulb” that has been growing in lavasand and fed with compost tea and the new “thrive product”..

So far, it has outgrown the other one that is planted is organic potting soil by about 1 inch, but the organic one is catching up fast:

Here is the two little babies on the dining room table:

The reason that I am continuing this experiment in this location indoors is that the dining room table sits in a south facing part of the house and has a very open bay window that offers the plants over 6 hours of direct sunlight each day.

Even the Orchids in the background are thriving in this area!

The dining room table used to be my wife’s “prized possession”, but now she grows her Orchids on it and I do my indoor plant experiments on it because of the great ambient sunlight.. {grin}

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Of course, what else are dining tables for! ;-)

10 Dec, 2009


They look to be doing well.Do you think they might be dwarf Amaryllis?.no idea really,just a stab in the dark.I agree about the dining table,a tray in front of the fire ,this you still dress for Dinner though.!!:o))

10 Dec, 2009


I am sorry but am I the only one that thinks that the "tea" is not pretty - could you not change its colour!!! (I know it works but would still prefer the soil!!)

10 Dec, 2009


I agree that it is not attractive but this is just an experiment. If I were to use this method of cultivation I would cover the surface with a layer of grit or something similar.

10 Dec, 2009


They all look like they are coming along fabulously. Well done N2.

10 Dec, 2009

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