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Lightning strike!


I forgot all about this old video!
We had been in our new home about a year and had a rather nasty thunderstorm one night. I was filming the lightning activity and captured a hit in my backyard right in the middle of my rose garden! View the video
At exactly 5 seconds into the video, a huge strike hit my roses and lit up the entire backyard.
As you can see, the backyard was still in a “primitive gardening state” at that time and we were just starting to plant a few things at the newly built house.
That was quite a T-Storm that night! Not much wind or hail, but TONS of lightning!
The area where the strike occurred has never had any unusual biological activity and is growing well. I would have thought that such a huge discharge in a small area would have disrupted plant life and soil microbes, but apparently it did not. The roses are doing great and the native “weeds” need picking as usual..

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WOW!! That was brilliant, but scarrie have you got any before and after pics?

22 Sep, 2009


How truly glad we don't get that kind of T storms in this neck of the woods. Like you - I would have expected a bit of the scorched earth syndrome and nothing to grow for at least a bit longer than usual - although of course many seeds need to be fired and scarified to thrive! But for the roses to be doing so well.....there must be lessons to be learned somewhere!!! Great footage though - I was going to say enlightening...oops!!

22 Sep, 2009


brilliant, i love thunder storms :-)

22 Sep, 2009


Boy that was a doozy of a storm? the only time I have seen lightning like that was when we were in South Africa, the storm came in, peaked and then rolled away again all in the space of twenty mins, and aparently there were two hundred and 14 strikes in the town.

22 Sep, 2009


I love to watch Lightening but not that close! Great to capture it like that though.

22 Sep, 2009


Wow N2 that was amazing! If you pause it at certain points you can see the forks of lightning & everything petrified with white light...briliiant! Thank you!

22 Sep, 2009


The interesting thing after the storm "hit", the next morning is that nature carried on as if nothing had happened. The roses grew, the weeds grew, bugs and earthworms in the soil were still there and seemed unaffected by the huge energy discharge in that flower-bed. I would have thought that the intense heat of a strike would have penetrated deep into the soil and disrupted the biological activity in the local area, but apparently it did not. I'm still scratching my head over this one.

23 Sep, 2009


i had similar lightning while i was operating a hydro power house.
suddenly a bolt of lightening appeared from one of the control panels and returned via all my indicating light panel lighting up all the lights. I had thoughts of operating a power house of 180 million watts with out protection.
but absolutely no damage and despite nearly wet pants the evening carried on with out any more.
so lightning is a funny thing it can devastate or caress

23 Sep, 2009


I was sitting in my daughter's bed-sit - during a dreadful thunder and lightening storm....and not really enjoying it much - I never really do.....when a bolt of lightening appeared to come right in the window and struck the electric power socket for the cooker - on the wall. I was mesmerised as it "played" around for what seemed like several seconds - although I am sure it couldn't have been....and then it seemed to stream up the wiring and out the window again. The smell of burning was atrocious - and eventually I approached and where the socket had been was a molten mass of plastic wires and an empty metal box. Whether the outcome would have been any different had she not switched off the cooker before going out I have no idea but it sure was a frightening experience - and all done silently in seconds. I didn't even need a fire extinguisher....just a very strong drink!!!!

23 Sep, 2009


I remember once I read a story of two guy's out with their dogs and a bolt of lightning struck the guy who had the dog on a chain leash and killed both him and the dog, and the other guy who had a leather leash got away with nothing but a bad case of delayed reaction.

23 Sep, 2009


After looking at the video frame by frame, I noticed that there was also a huge hit out in the corn field about 50 yards from my backyard. (11-12 seconds into the video)
That hit looked like it contained far more energy than the flower bed hit because the local area in the field was glowing brightly about 10-15 feet wide.
I just wonder if my garden strike was a "feeder strike" to the huge one that occurred out in the field...

Alzheimer, it sounds like you might have seen a case of "ball lightning" which will often "stick around" for a few seconds after a huge discharge! Very cool that you saw it!
That is rare to see!

I just love the comments on lightning because I am a well trained storm spotter and attend "skywarn school" every year to keep updated. T-storms are one of my other hobbies when I'm not playing with my plants.. {chuckle}

24 Sep, 2009


Well N2o....I have to say that is was maybe a rare sight - but at the time I sure didn't feel all that privileged to witness it!!!!
It was back in about 1981 or 2 it has certainly stuck in my mind though!
I have to admire your courage in being a T-storm spotter too.
Although I am not TOO scared of T and L ....I always say that you can learn from animals - and anything that upsets them the way it does - is something to be feared.
On a lighter note ..well slightly...our local minister must have had something similar hit the manse 3 years ago as he was sitting at his laptop composing his sermon one day...and it suddenly stopped, following a massive crack of T and L....followed by a smell of burning and he found his router had been melted into a molten puddle of plastic...eek! As he had also just had a burst water pipe in the attic of the manse - I teased him that he had better watch out for the pestilence - as the Good Lord had already sent the fire and the flood!

24 Sep, 2009


Alzheimer, I don't know what it is about weather and mother nature, but I just love the "show" that she puts on, from new flowers growing, to huge t-storms that can destroy those very flowers. The dynamics of this planet and its' diverse ecosystems, from the largest down to the smallest, is fascinating to observe... Quite an amazing "3rd rock from the sun" that we live on! And there are some that think us little "ants" could change something so immensely vast.. {chuckle}

25 Sep, 2009


Quite so ....not a hope.... and all this about stopping global warming by doing things like...not using polythene bags and not breeding cows that produce "gas"...what a load of bull###t...if you will pardon the phrase....LOL I agree we must preserve what we've got - but the global climate thing I am sure is purely cyclical and will happen anyway....I am just glad I am too long in the tooth to see any extreme changes which are almost bound to happen. It has all happened before - they say...and what goes around comes around ...

25 Sep, 2009


A-MEN brother!
This planet and this solar system is SO far beyond man's comprehension.. Cycles. The Earth has done it for eons and will continue to "do its' thing" long after we are gone..
The coolest thing is that some form of plant life always survives regardless of how adverse local conditions may change. That's why I love plants so much! They are the most adaptive live-form that there is. Pretty cool 'lil critters to work with! :-)

26 Sep, 2009


There is nothing like getting in amongst Mother Earth to make you appreciate her bounty right enough. I had a day of it yesterday - and what a peach of a day it was.....a real Indian Summer one and a sunset that was breathtaking. I tried getting it on camera - but by the time I got back out - the best was gone.. I was content ...thinking the usual sky at night bit...I'll get more done in the garden tomorrow.
This morning I woke to a glorious sunrise......eeek! Red sky in the morning......oh dear, I suppose it was nice to dream!!! I always check with the Met Office site for the Jet Stream...and I see we ARE in for a bit of a change up here....oh well it has been nice while it lasted!!

27 Sep, 2009


Very well said, Alzheimer! {big grin}
You see "life" exactly as I do..

5 Oct, 2009


Yes...well......we got our big change right enough and the Jet Stream prediction was spot on .....those flamin' 60-70mph gales would have whipped your false teeth out if you had opened your mouth out there!! Still - we are luckier than those poor souls in SE Asia. I have a grandson who flies helicopters in the Philippines....well usually he does!! I have spent the past few days tracking that Super Typhoon there's storm for you....LOL and I've no doubt you were you following it? I was just so glad that it slid past Manila....they'd had enough with those floods on the 26thSept. They are so sanguine about it too...I guess they must have learned to be fatalists too!

5 Oct, 2009


Yep, Alzheimer, that one was mother nature getting a pissed off. {chuckle}

9 Oct, 2009

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