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Working on the Crape Mertile!

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My Crape Mertile in the backyard has been loosing a few leaves, so today, I did the full sick tree treatment and it might just do better!
I gave the little guy a 5 inch deep barrier to prevent the Bermuda grass from encroaching on its’ root system

The 6 inch barrier was buried as deep as possible because Bermuda “feeders” often grow deeply into fresh flowerbeds.

Below is the loss of external branch growth that the little tree had:

I have put down some “green sand” and some of that great Madena 6-0-2 organic fertilizer out to the drip line of the tree, so the little guy should be one HAPPY camper in about 3 days!

I’ll keep you posted on the progress! :-)

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I don't know about 'Bermuda grass' or the fertiliser etc that you are using, but I DID meet Lagerstroemias in Italy this month - and loved them! So I hope that all your efforts pay off and yours recovers to its full glory. Good luck!

28 Sep, 2009

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