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Tree Fern Frond Part 2


Tues 16th June . On checking in the morning not a lot of difference really
and the same for the evening although you can see some growth difference between them

A bit more growth on Wednesday

Thursday a bit more growth but looking at the photo’s i have just noticed something.I always thought the frond’s unfurled first and then the side leaves
but looking at the next photo coming up you can quite clearly see its the other way around .Yep you do learn something new every day

Anyway im away for a couple of days so lets see what happens .

Sunday evening after our return from Nottingham went out to look
and wow quite a bit of growth almost out straight, nearly there.

And whilst taking this photo i noticed, as mac had predicted there were 2 more on the way!!That’s the most so far in the 3 years i have had it

So a week and one day and nearly out completely the amazing side of nature

Forward a couple of days later and very nearly there just everything but smaller
the side leaves are nowhere near as big as the others yet but they’ll get there soon

Now we are right up to date. 24 June Midsummer’s day and also
my birthday.!! Wont be long now before its finished now but you can see a big difference in the colour between the young one and the older ones .
Lets see if its finished by the weekend

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Happy birthday, Mushy!
These are terrific photos. I'm sure if you could find a specialist magazine or even one of the glossy periodicals, you could get these published. A real pleasure to look at.

24 Jun, 2009


Thank you very much bigbumblebee i might just do that

24 Jun, 2009


tree fern looking great Mushy , and your birthday is four days after mine , they really are amazing . . . . .. . . . .. . . tree ferns that is . .. not birthdays . .although their great as well anyway Happy Birthday Mushy!!!

24 Jun, 2009


Happy Birthday Mushy,fascinating pics.......

24 Jun, 2009


I love tree ferns and these pictures are great.
Happy Birthday from me too Mushy :)

25 Jun, 2009


Cheers everyone for the b/day wishes heading towards the big 50 and you mac for the other day.June is expensive month
son in law's 16th, daughter in law &brother in law 23rd, mine 24th ,my nieces 28th oh roll on payday!!!

I have spotted a canna lilly flower on the way may just do it again for that .i quite enjoy doing it.

25 Jun, 2009


Wonderful to see. Interesting too.

25 Jun, 2009

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