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How Long does it take to make a work of Art?


Canna Lilly’s

How Long does it take to make a work of Art?

After doing the article on the Tree Fern Frond seamed to be a success I thought id give it another go with the something else.
As I finished doing the tree fern I looked around the garden to see what else I could do, if any thing interesting was on the way out.
.Well I saw a couple of possibilities. A canna Lilly flower starting to poke it head out and a day Lilly a beautiful yellow and purple one named Bella Lugosi.
I decided to choose the Canna because the one’s featured are my own ones, well that is to say, it was only one last year which I split and divided in the spring and repotted the new ones as they came up. Now I have 15.
Which for me is fantastic as most of mine propagations don’t tend to make it?
So lets start back in June in the first picture you can see how the Lilly grows leaves come from the middle in the normal way then eventually the flower stem shows up and looks almost bullet shaped when It first appears. Both photos were taken at 8.30am on 25/06/09

The next stage was the outer layer of the stem split and a new smaller one appears to break through

Not much progress for a couple days or so and when I went and had a look on the 29/06 the top had split and the first of the yellow flowers were starting to show .

By 0800 the next morning the flower was well on the way out.

Things really start to get going now because by 7.30 pm they were really starting to show themselves and clearly you can see from the picture the many flowers inside

By now it’s the 1st of July at 7.47am and they well and truly want to open up and get some sunshine.

By that evening there are at least 9 flowers visible

In the next picture you can see the flowers are tightly wrapped up inside the main bud

The following morning I went to have a look and there it is one open to show its self off to the world.
A lovely bright yellow colour with splashes of red, which gave it the name of “Indian Shot plant” because it looks like blood splatter.

Having started to show its self on the 25th of June, to fully open by the 3rd July is quite remarkable.

So how long does it take to create a work of art?

9 days apparently!!

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And what a work of art it is!

3 Aug, 2009


Fascinating blog with lovely photo`s,well done.........

3 Aug, 2009


You've been very patient :o)
Great photos.

3 Aug, 2009


Thanks everyone , yes it does take time but, i enjoy doing it and waiting to see the end result.I have also learned quite a bit about how they grow.

4 Aug, 2009


Very interesting! :-) A lovely plant - I tried over-wintering mine, with no luck, I'm afraid.

4 Aug, 2009


No luck for me either Spritz! I had about 15 absolute beauties with striped leaves and deep orange flowers - and I lost the lot!

4 Aug, 2009


Great blog, very interesting to see the time line, isn't nature wonderful?!

5 Aug, 2009

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