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One fell out of the Nest !


Got woken up very early this morning with what can only be described as a bird wing flapping against the window like it had hit the window .Anyway it all went very quiet again so back to sleep.
Anyway got up inthe morning 2 hours later ,threw open the curtains to this little fellow stuck on the window sill unable to fly,as still a. baby

Well we thought if he can’t fly he’s better off here than down on the ground with Fat cat Timmy wandering around .Mum still brings him food

When i got home from work tonight i went to see if he’d gone ?

That’ll be no then.He seams quiet happy on the sill watching the world go round
The big question is Where did he come from?
How did he get on the window sill?
What was the fuss in the early hours ?
Any one know Miss Marple’s phone no?

I think it was grapped and dropped by a kestrel or other smallish bird of prey
who could not hold onto it maybe
Who knows but ill see when it takes off.

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Maybe he flapped his wings too hard and actually took off then landed on your windowsill!! He looks safe there anyway windowsill will need a good scrub when he's gone though LOL

17 Jun, 2009


Lovely pictures. Is it a young collared dove or pigeon or something else? Don't suppose you'll ever find out how he got there but with any luck you might see him go. Good job Mum's around.

17 Jun, 2009


Yes Lily a young collared dove as raised as a brood probably getting some comfort from its reflection - thinking its joined another dove.

Never ceases to amaze me how many fledge with such poor ability to fly our borders full of small birds having left the nest but still waiting for tail feathers to fly .

17 Jun, 2009


awww the poor wee thing but as you say he is safe up there on the ledge

17 Jun, 2009


it is amazing how quickly they grow...the nest I took pictures of in 2007 was 3 weeks to the day from hatching to empty nest.

17 Jun, 2009


Let us no how he/she gets on Lovely photos

18 Jun, 2009


Well woke up this morning and Gone .All's well with things again And yes you were right most definatley need to clean window sill this week end

18 Jun, 2009

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