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New Life of a Tree Fern Frond


Spotted on Saturday morning a new frond emerging from the crown .As i was looking at it i just wondered how long it takes to grow from first sight to fully grown leaf .
So i have decided to log and photo it each morning and night just to see .How sad i am .
So here it is on Sat 13/06/09

Then i checked it out later that evening thinking it won’t have grown much in a day

As you can see its on the way!! This was taken at 8pm, so the next one will be tomorrow morning . I gave it a good water and left to grow for the night .

After a lazy start and a good fry up strolled out to see what if anything had happened !
Well i was quite impressed almost out

Decided to give it another drop of the good stuff and went to other jobs round the garden untill about 8pm then went and another look .

Well lets see in the morning eh !

Its out!! All in 2days now all it now needs to do is unfurl
Off to work and see what tonight brings

Staring to unfurl now, the close up is not that good due to it pouring with rain .
Still lets see what happens over the next week .

Tues 16th June . On checking in the morning not a lot of difference really
and the same for the evening although you can see some growth difference between them

Pretty much the same the same really for Wednesday .A little more grow but nothing as fast as the first 2 days or so

Thursday a bit more growth but looking at the photo’s i have just noticed something.I allways thought the frond’s unfurled first and then the side leaves
but looking at third photo coming up you can quite clearly see its the other way around .Yep you do learn something new every day

So thats the progress so far this week,unfortunately i have to go away
for a couple of days so see how it is when i get back.
Personally i think it will be just about open by then ,but ,we’ll see .

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get your fingers in the crown mushy ,I bet theres more just underneath.

15 Jun, 2009


Ill do that in the morning Cheers

15 Jun, 2009


What a brilliant series of photos! Fascinating to look at.
Looking forward to seeing more. And no, you're not 'sad' at all. It's a new birth! I think I'll do the same next year when my ferns (woodland, not tree) start to unfurl. Thanks Mushybanna.

15 Jun, 2009


Thank you Bigbumblebee, i will keep going as i am very interested in seeing how long it takes .Down side i forgot i have to go away this weekend so will miss 2 days .never mind hope nothing happens.

Your right Maccrimmon there's another one down there,
look forward to see it.Thats gonna make 7 best yet.

Marquerite , thank you too you never know when you start something like this if people will like it or think your completely bonkers as this is my first ever blog im very pleased with peoples responses. Hope your tree keeps doing well cos they are fantastic trees

16 Jun, 2009

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