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Today is a roots day so into the moon bed have gone carrot and parsnip seed whilst we’ve also sown 3 varieties of seed potatoes; pink fir apple as a main crop, Anya as a 2nd early and Epicure as a 1st early. I know in theory we should have waited a bit to plant the main crop but decided to take the risk.

At the same time in the control bed we planted Witkiem broad beans (which we planted in the moon bed on Sunday) and Ambassador peas. I know a lot of folk start their legumes off in pots and then transplant but it is not something we have ever done and so we stick to our old straight into the soil method.

Whilst onions are a root crop the advice is to plant them when the moon is descending so we will hold off until 8 – 10 April to put those into the moon bed.

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Good luck with your moon planting :o)

1 Apr, 2009


Thanks Terratoonie :-) I have to admit it is a little unnerving to be doing all this 'live' - suppose we completely foul up...

1 Apr, 2009


You've done good research, so all should be fine :o)

1 Apr, 2009


Fingers, and toes, crossed.

1 Apr, 2009


Put our earlies in (Charlotte) in 2 Father would die of laughing if he was still with us, he was a farmer and grew acres of the things, and I used to pick them and sort them as well, still needs must as they say, husband says what with the cost of the bag, the compost and the potatoes it would be cheaper to buy them from the shop.....he is right I know, just fancy some really fresh home grown tatties lol

1 Apr, 2009


I can relate to that, tatties always taste better straight from the ground. I remember my father going out on a Sunday morning with a fork to lift tatties for Sunday lunch - they always tasted so good.

In fact all veggies. taste better and have more nutritional value if they are eaten immediately after they are picked. As for soft fruit...

9 Apr, 2009

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