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Sowing in the control bed


David has been busy planting things in the control bed, Tuesday being a ‘fruits’ day and because we are planting the control bed on the ‘wrong’ days he planted onion sets and sowed parsnips and carrots. Today being a ‘roots’ day he sowed spinach beet and more peas… Just as soon as things start growing I’ll take some photos for you all.

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Looks like you did good work on the " roots day " ...

Moon grower ~ do you know why full moon causes wakefulness at nights ? .... and I don't mean because the night is brightly lit...

9 Apr, 2009


Terra no I haven't been able to find out why the full moon affects some peoples ability to sleep - though I know it does because it affects both David & myself - even if there is thick cloud and we can't see the moon.

This is an interesting piece in the Independent from back in 2000:

9 Apr, 2009


Thanks, Moongrower ~
I'll check that out when I'm more awake tomorrow !
For years, I've been awake at night during full moon.

9 Apr, 2009


The moon does have a huge effect on everything I suppose that's why werewolves were associated with the full moon and madness is know as lunacy! I wonder if from a primitive point of view it would be wise to be wakeful on a full moon as you can see more or be seen?

9 Apr, 2009


Sorry TT we crossed posts. I wasn't implying you were a werewolf or mad lol! :-)

9 Apr, 2009


Not a problem Reebeesfleurs :o) Lol.

9 Apr, 2009


What is a control bed, pls?

9 Apr, 2009


Hi Weeding

You really need to start reading my blog from the beginning... Bulbaholic & I are running a little experiment to see if we get better crops by growing following the lunar cycle. The only way we can know is to have a bed where everything is grown as per the charts in 'In Tune with the Moon 2009' - called the moon bed. The 'control bed' has exactly the same treatment, veggies etc. grown in it but all the work is carried out on days when it isn't meant to be. So for example yesterday was a day for sowing or working with veggies that you eat the roots of. In the control bed B. planted spinach beet (leaf veg) and peas (fruit veg). At the end of the growing season we will compare what we got from both beds - weight of crop etc and perhaps we will have an answer.

10 Apr, 2009


That's so helpful you've written an update here, Moon Grower, to give the explanation to new readers.

May I suggest that when you post progress report blogs, you paste your above comment, or an adaptation of it, which will make it easier for new readers to follow the very interesting gardening experiments you are doing this year.

Your moon growing is so fascinating that it's great if we can understand it as much as possible. Thank you. :o)

Terra x

10 Apr, 2009


Good idea Terra - will try to remember :-)

10 Apr, 2009


Do you howl, TT?

10 Apr, 2009


Wagger ~
I howl and the dogs and budgie join in too.
Real harmony. :o)

10 Apr, 2009


Sounds like you merit a recording contract!

10 Apr, 2009

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