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Scorching hot bees !


By louise1


Here in my front garden it reached 40 degrees at lunchtime. Honestly !
The front garden is a very hot, very dry and parched place and if i were to leave it to its own devices it would be sandy dust.
The back garden is usually about 10 degrees cooler until about 4pm and then the balance shifts to the opposite, the back garden was mid thirties at about 5pm ( i had typed ‘an hour ago’ and then when i double checked the time saw ….. yikes, it’s 7pm !)

From 4ish the first 10 feet of the front garden gets shaded by the house.
I have a bench there and it’s nice to sit back and be smug in the knowledge that my front garden is almost as i want it and that the colours infront of me are exactly as i’d seen it in my minds eye last autumn when i first starting planning it, i’m really pleased with it all and next summer it should be just perfect out there !

As i sat relaxing i saw the bees going about their beesiness and thought i’d show you what they were up to !!!

They are all over the place !
The Buddleia, the Lavender, the Scabiosa, the Jasione, the Lavatera, the Monarda, the Nemesia, definately Campanula Kent Belle, they love her ….. everywhere i look i have bees.
I think they’ve hung around after the Escallonia finished flowering and they’re still finding pollen so they’ve not really left.
And they’re still going into the dry stone wall, so they’ve got a home/resting place close-by which helps them too.
The Escallonia will flower again at the end of summer and the bees will be getting their final feast then.

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beautiful photos we have to look after the bees as they are sruggling recently.

29 Jun, 2009


Congats on getting your garden (almost) finished. Its always pleasing to finish a project or see your on the final lap.
I know when I used to do woodwork it was a great feeling to sit back and admire,
I never get that feeling with my veg until its on the plate, perhaps its time I seriously considered flowers as well.
OMG don't tell anyone I said that will you........LOL

lovely photo's Louise.

H & K's.........Ian

29 Jun, 2009


It's nice to see so many bees.

29 Jun, 2009


Thanks for being so caring and appreciative of my many relatives. These ones are a d.....d sight more photogenic than I am!

29 Jun, 2009


Great photo,s Louise and pleased to say we have some bees around here this year, although sadly lacking in ladybirds........

29 Jun, 2009


gosh that was hot at that time Louise bees seem to have loved ur flowers lovely pics hope it cooled down a bit !!!

29 Jun, 2009


Thank you everyone :)

Bigbumblebee, i'm sure you'd be photogenic if i stalked you with my camera for long enough !!!!
Let's try .... lol :)))

Mobee, you're right - it's very very hot and in a certain part it gets no breeze either, it really bakes there.
The planting there has to be carefully thought through because a lot of plants just wouldn't survive those conditions.

30 Jun, 2009


Love your flowers Louise and love your bees too!!

30 Jun, 2009


Plenty of bees

30 Jun, 2009

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