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June Colours !


By louise1


As i spent time outside today these beauties just begged to be photographed !
As i type this there is a roll of thunder happening, it doesn’t look like rain so maybe it’ll pass us by. It’s a lovely 26 degrees and quite humid …. my kind of weather :))))
Rain is forecast so hopefully it will come

Achillea ‘Rose Madder’

Clematis ‘Bijou’, this doesn’t climb, it grows across the ground as ground cover. I love it.

Campanula ‘Wedding Bells’, this is my 2nd favourite Campanula after ‘Bernice’, the flowers look like parchment paper, the freckles inside are just gorgeous


Campanula ‘Kent Belle’, also seen is Nemesia ‘Confetti’, Clematis ‘Piilu’, Gerbera ‘Everlast Pink’

Verbena ‘Claret’, also seen is Scabiosa ‘Pink Mist’ and Dianthus ‘Rose Joy’,

Jasione, also seen is the Dianthus again, a different Nemesia and scabiosa ‘Ritz Blue’

Scabiosa ‘Ritz Blue’, one of 3 mounds

Diascia ‘Little Dancer’

Penstemon ‘Pinacolada Rose Pink’

Lavandula ‘Blue Cushion’ (someone didn’t tell this plant that it shouldn’t be twice as large/wide as the label said it should be!!!)

Buddleia ‘Black Knight’, the first flowers started to open up today

Rosa ‘Summer Wine’

Rosa ‘Compassion’, the first bud getting ready to open

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Nice pics but that Campanula ‘Wedding Bells’ is amazing !

25 Jun, 2009


Isn't it just.
It's even better in the flesh, it's one of those flowers that compel you to gaze upon it.

25 Jun, 2009


hi Louise1 flowers look really lovely great pics love the Clematis Bijou i didnt no that u cud get a Clematis that spreads along the ground i will deff have to get that "Learn something new every day"lol

25 Jun, 2009


Mobee, Bijou is new, i only found it to buy in March or April.
I'd read about it but couldn't find an outlet selling it and then .... it was at one of the garden centres near here.
Interestingly, just the one, not the other main garden centre so maybe the supplier isn't flooding the market.
Can't understand THAT logic though so ....

25 Jun, 2009


Beautiful, there are all beautiful.

25 Jun, 2009


Louise - do you find campanula 'Kent Belle' reliably hardy? I've been offered one but don't want to have to replace it every year

25 Jun, 2009


I'm going to say yes Andrew.
I planted it in January or February of this year and seeing as it wasn't killed off by that surprise bad/hard winter i'm pretty certain of its hardiness here !!!
Considering it wouldn't have put down strong roots yet i think it's pretty good going.

25 Jun, 2009


Thanks for that Louise

25 Jun, 2009


thanks Louise1 will be on the Bijou hunt weekend might even try ebay never no ur luck:~)

25 Jun, 2009


What lovely photos!

25 Jun, 2009


What a riot of colour! Lovely photos of wellgrown healthy plants. Give yourself a pat on the back, Louise.
I love that scabious. For some reason they refuse to grow in my garden, and believe me, I've tried.

25 Jun, 2009


Great pictures of all those plants, they really look fabulous! I liked your Rosa "Summer Wine" very much! I have one that looks similar Rosa "Fred Loads". During the last week I've had some fabulous flowers on it! Unfortunately I broke the first flowering stem when reaching across the plant to adjust some pots on the balcony railing - one fell off & broke the first flowering stem. :( I took some photos of them today but haven't got around to putting them on the computer yet.

25 Jun, 2009


Colourful and pretty Louise

25 Jun, 2009


Gr8 pics - as always! The hardiness of plants, even within the UK, never ceases to amaze me! Lovely! :-)

25 Jun, 2009


your gardens are looking spectacular Louise :) I love that campanula wedding bells

27 Jun, 2009


Thanks Grindle :)
Wedding Bells is gorgeous isn't it ? :)

27 Jun, 2009


Lovely photos -Rosa 'Summer Wine' and the Penstemon are the ones that do it for me, that rose is sensational.

27 Jun, 2009


Wagger, the smell from that rose is exquisite.

27 Jun, 2009


On my list it goes then - thanks for that, Louise.

27 Jun, 2009


just love the flowers in your garden, the colors are so beautiful

30 Jun, 2009


Lovely pics Louise1. Interesting to see how Bijou performs as ground cover. I've just bought Arabella and she does the same.

1 Jul, 2009


Keithsmum, you're right about Arabella, she'd do it well. I have her crawling through a hedge, Jouiniana 'praecox', she does the same, i have her too.
Bijou is different somehow though, i have a very soft spot for her !!! :)))
She has the appearance more of a true climber whereas the other 2 don't.

2 Jul, 2009


Hi Louise1 - I haven't planted her yet so will have to pick a good spot - do you have much bother with slugs and snails?

2 Jul, 2009


They don't seem to go for her Keithsmum, i'm pleased to say :)
The only Clematis that's being eaten is Comptesse de Bouchard and something's eating her leaves but not flowers.

2 Jul, 2009

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