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911 on greenhouse standby


Hello fellow gardeners me again I had a little scare last nite went up to water and noticed the chimmney was shooting fireworks at 11.30 at nite, well rushed in and opened old bessie up and sure enough the smoke came blowing out and the chimmney was on fire. Well no phone in greenhouse so rushed outside and pulled the stovepipe off outside, didnt need a lite this time, just like daylite outrside with the flames just a burning. I thought to myself stovepipe is quite pretty when it turns that red lol.Well rushed back in and put the water hose to old bessie and she was a bit peeved at that. The fire went out allright but what a mess I made not to say how close I came to putting old bessie 6 ft under as well if she had of cracked. But she is a tough old girl. Needless to say a little too much green wood for her taste, oh well live and learn.At least now I dont have to clean the pipes.Well the neighbours were a little nosy and hollered what are you doing to which I replied cooking a late dinner I said. A pigeon flew in my stovepipe and I did not want it overdone. What the heck I thought to myself do you think I was doing at 11.30 at nite.Well be nice to neighbours I thought to myself after all they dont want there houses to burn down.So all is well and no fire department yet even though I might put them on speed dial on my phone (you never know when you might need them) So a little mess to clean up but all is well again. Old bessie still hates me and the feeling is mutal but she stays for this year and them next year I cremate her and turn her into planters.Other than that plants are great and growing well and my husband who is away is back soon and probably be off nerve pills as soon as old bessie is no longer needed.Poor man I should not have told him what happened lol. As they say live and learn a few set backs here and there make you tough or crazy I think .Well gotta go new day begins cannot wait to see what happens today lol.

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Hi Lori I think 911 on speed dial is a must. Old Bessie seems to have it in for you.
You’ll have to threaten her with the pit monkey that should sort her out. On a serious note thank goodness you were not hurt and the greenhouse is safe and undamaged…………can’t say the same about your mental state though LOL!

4 Apr, 2009


hi lori,
just had a quiet chuckle, thanks for cheering me up, i am at work, on a sunny saturday, when i could be at home in the garden!!!.....................steve

4 Apr, 2009


OH yes I understand getting our age is not for the week and I know I tell Kim thinks I just should be quite. But sometimes you just want to talk. Oh do please take your time with the clean up and know how blessed you are today. May my helping hands reach you and hold you and just give you a smile. May you know your are so blessed and their is a reason for it all we grow and we become who we are for a reason. I hope you have a good day. Keep smiling for that is the joy of it all. To hold on another day and get back up when we fall. Hear is my HAND of help for you today my you feel the friendship from across the seas.

4 Apr, 2009


What a panic you must have been in!! Hope all is well now?

5 Apr, 2009


Oh gosh Lori....whatever next? Give Old Bessie a kick from me. Thank goodness it was no worse. Lujean is right. Everything happens for a reason and we learn from all our life experiences......not sure what the reason is but at least you learned NO GREEN WOOD.....Hee hee hee...Sorry. I'm not really laughing at your troubles. Just trying to cheer you up. :o)

7 Apr, 2009

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