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useless come back


Well fellow gardeners I am back again for a short spell between plantings and thought I would tell you about old useless again. Between him and old bessiethey are driving me crazy (ah I know what your thinking ,I am already there right) Well if you had these two you would be on ativan too and I am serious lol.Well gotta hurry hubby came home and wants to eat supper. But I will tell you about him later. He is pretty close to being on my list too, as well as bessie and useless. But on him You guys would need two weeks vacationjto listen to me about him. But I am getting off track (are you surprised )my mind ticks faster than I can one finger type.Thats my new years resoultion, how to learn to type with two fingers instead of one. Well anyways I needed help while stove doc was there because I let old bessie starve for wood and go out, (made my day to let her suffer lol ). Anyways I asked old useless if he wanted his job back, for a few days because I had started some seeds in a ziplock bag and because old bessie was out, could he please lay on them and keep them warm. Well let me tell you this (and this is the truth) his lip went so far back in his head andthose little razor like teeth came out and he began to snarl. And into the bedroom he went and hid under the bed,and I have not seem him since.Well I could not see his point for its not like I asked him to sit on eggs to hatch for gods sake I have the cat for that. (my pet chicken died in childbirth giving twins to two eggs.) Well thats it for him I called the SPCA and even they dont want him. So fellow gardeners that it for now I guess I will have to get second dog for helping me out andleave useless where he belongs.

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Well, I did laugh!

13 Mar, 2009


Poor poor'll have to keep the seeds in your pocket to keep them warm....just don't throw them into old Bessie by accident.

14 Mar, 2009


You'll have to sit on the seeds yourself now :o)

14 Mar, 2009


Lori what ever your on please can I have some............ you do make me laugh!!

14 Mar, 2009

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