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new helper arrives


Hello fellow garderners thanks for all the nicefeed back on pictures.Things are going good now, have a new helper mudflap and she is good at her job. Except at the first, she tore into the greenhouse like the tasmain devil on wheels and before I could catch her plant tags were ripped out of the trays and now are called whatever trays. So now they are on sale as You Never Know PLants Till They Grow. Well thats not all she pulled some trays down and when they hit the floor the seeds scattered all over, but when they grow on the floor I can just say to the customers (see told you they grow anywhere). Well i caught her finnally under the benches and had to bribe her to get her out by using a cookie and if that didnt work i would use the watering hose and flush her out.(just kidding )When I got her I proceeded to throw her in the dirt box and she happilly filled the trays as well as me. If you think she looked dirty you should see her nanny.Well next day I bought her a watering can (oh GOD ) and now have one plant called hisbus that is close to drowning as we speak.Well can not use handcuffs she would just chew through the steel, that kid has teeth like razor blades.Well next grandchild I will train before they have teeth.But I love her regardless even though she jabbers alot she is a good worker and I dont have to pay her much.Course probably lost money on all the dirt she ate.Well her mother is a different story she hates dirt and bugs and wants her little girl always dressed nice and in dresses. That is why she hopefully never sees pictures on this site lol.Mudflap on the other hand loves both and we caught at least 50 ladybugs which she planted as well. (hope they can dig themselves out later). Not sure how many got planted for I think she ate her fill first oh well good protein for her.Now it can get a little scary for she spotted a mouse too and by the loo0k on her face I pray she did not eat him too for I havent seem him since.Oh well at least she is happy I had a devil of a time to get her out of greenhouse in time to clean her up before her mom came home. When she did arrive mudflap was back in her dress and clean as a whistle and god help me when she can talk. Will have to buy lots of duct tape so she doesnt rat me out. Well time to go back to the greenhouse and water. The dragon arum bloomed today and my friend who does notknow anything about plants (HEE HEE) ASKED DOES IT SMELL GOOD AND i LET HER BE MY GUINEA PIG TO SEE HOW BAD IT WAS. wHEN SHE FINNNALLY CAME TO AFTER FAINTING AND GAGGING SO HARD.( i KNOW IT WAS MEAN ) I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD i COULD HARDLY TALK. wELL i REPLIED WHAT DO YOU THINK, AND NEEDLESS TO SAY i will be paying for that for years to come. The stuff she said I can not print. In return for that I have to give her lots of free plants but she is still my friend although she will not trust me for a long time.( BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT). So guys thats it for now stay tuned more friends coming to greenhouse so more fun for me lol.

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Sounds like you have had a lot of fun this week with mud flap. I’ve never smelt a Dragon Arum before now I know not to thanks for the warning ;0) Oh! by the way LB I'm back on 2 feet spent most of the week at the work bench in the greenhouse.

22 Mar, 2009


I think your grand daughter is going to perffer being with you than her mum. I know I would.

( I haven't seen your photos - haven't had a chance to look at any for a while now. )

22 Mar, 2009


Just looked at your photos - Jessica is sooooooooo cute! Hope she can come and help you very often.

23 Mar, 2009

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