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lost one of dragum arum today by overwatering it. Was new at having this plant

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oh dear that's sad. are you sure it is totally dead? leave it to dry out and you may find it will regrow. hope so.

9 Mar, 2009


Will you try another ?

9 Mar, 2009


Oh that's a shame Lori. I am having the same difficulty with my Datura...I think overwatering is the problem. I'm hoping that by changing the soil to faster draining I have been in time to save them but they are looking sad. Yellowed leaves and droopy. :o(

10 Mar, 2009


hi everyone thanks for writing me ,and yup I never give up hope trying to learn and I learn by my mistakes, sometimes at great expense my husband will add (old fuddy duddy lol). Gilli I know how you feel its hard sometimes to know how much watering to do, hope you save your plant in time. blodyn yes I will try another I quickly went to town and was lucky to find one a greenhouse supplier had in out back ready to be composted. Sometimes we do get lucky,and I sure want to make that lady my friend. and toSeaburngirl thank you and I am doing what you said about drying out and have my fingers crossed. well I am sure glad I found this site for it is a great place to meet people. Nite all.

11 Mar, 2009

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